Hydramaster: Pump out kit, Dura-Flo, PHY079-094, 1624-2024

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HydraMaster APO's Automatic Pump-Out Systems -- Dura-Flow APO

HydraMaster's new model APO is built for reliability. It is externally mounted to the recovery tank for easy serviceability and driven by a high-efficiency DC motor. This vertical mounting design protects the APO assembly from damage and preserves valuable van floor space.

The Dura-Flow APO is engineered to produce a 4.5 GPM flow under full vacuum (14" HG) and requires just 9.5 amps compared to competitor models' 13 to 25 amps. It uses a HP motor and low RPM pump for longer life. Since no filters are required, the Dura-Flow APO pumpout is able to pump small solids and debris.

  • Available on CDS, Titan and Boxxer models