How to Remove that Stain - Four Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods

1st Mar 2015

How to Remove that Stain - Four Modern Carpet Cleaning Methods

Written by Eugene Quijano of

Manager at The Alliance Building's Services in toronto ON Canada. General Maintenance-Carpet Cleaning-Painting-Washroom and Kitchen repair-Moving IN and OUT cleaning packages.

We are fully aware of the annoyance of terrible spills on great carpets and how hard it can be to clean them up using the most typical, conventional methods with household chemicals.

The same reason carpet cleaning is often a specialization of cleaning companies, offering many ways you can do this safely without too much trouble.

The following tips will point out how that can be achieved:

Bonnet and Rotary Cleaning

This is a method you have seen from most janitorial and cleaning companies, as it involves a low tech method that doesn’t really need all that much skill to pull off. In essence this involves the easy application of cleaning chemicals and uses a rotary cleaning machine, as this uses a brush to clean all individual carpet strands.

It is a great procedure that works all the way to the bottom of the carpet, removing any chemicals and soil that needs to go. This is however a pretty abrasive method that needs to be considered if your carpets have any warranties that may be voided by such an action.

Dry Foam Cleaning

This is a type of cleaning that may be used more rarely because of the specific chemicals being used in the process. They have a surfactant function that happens to lower the surface tension of the carpet, allowing cleaning debris and great results in the end. There are certain negative sides to using this type of cleaning, such as the possibility of leaving residue of detergent on the carpet after the cleaning, so you would do well to ensure you look for this only if you want to have quick results.

Dry Powder Cleaning

This is a nice, low-moisture powder that works by saturating the carpet. It will absorb the dust and soil from the carpet, allowing it to be easily vacuumed once it’s dried off for ease of removal. A fairly common side effect of this however is that sometimes residue is left after the cleaning is complete. Some of the materials used will be synthetic, so they may not break down as time goes by, so you would do well to consider this possibility. This is a good method if you want to have fast results that allow the carpets to return to you home quickly and without too much time, which also makes them a decent method for offices that see a lot of public access.

Low Moisture Cleaning Solutions

This is a method that uses a polymer base chemical product which improves grooming and brushing during carpet cleaning. The greatest thing about this method is that it happens to be really fast. The good thing is that it doesn’t need much time for drying as well, which allows the carpet to be used as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the possible options when it comes to carpet cleaning, with cleaning companies using many of them to get the job done.