High Performance and Top Quality Automatic Floor Scrubbers

Posted by Robert Brown on 5th Mar 2015

In order to maintain a commercial floor, wide range of floor cleaning equipment and chemicals are used for keeping the flooring in a great condition for a longer period of time. Each flooring type such as natural stone, wood and VCT has some unique set of challenges, which makes it essential to use high performance automatic floor scrubbers. A top quality floor scrubbing machine is designed to effectively collect dirt and debris from extremely hard to reach places. Generally, a commercial floor requires regular polishing, scrubbing and buffing, for which using automatic floor scrubbers (also known as automatic scrubber) are effective as it can help in cleaning large areas in a fraction of time.

Purpose of Automatic Scrubber:

Sport Floor:

Heavy foot traffic is usually witnessed on sport floors and in order to maintain the floors appearance a recoating and refinishing is done. In this case a floor contractor uses auto scrubber for executing the cleaning and abrading in one step that results to be a huge time saver.

Gym Floor:

Automatic scrubbers are used to clean the gym floor that requires less effort and gives a deep clean in relatively less time leaving the floor drier and cleaner. It is widely recommended to clean a gym floor with an automatic floor scrubber at least once a week.

Commercial Floor:

Whether it is a shopping mall, store or an office building, using an automatic scrubber will help in maintaining a great looking floor having spotless shine.

Advantages of Automatic Scrubber:

üHelps in reducing the manpower required for cleaning and maintaining the floor.

üMaintains an acceptable level of floor’s appearance.

üAdds glossy effect to floor appearance that stays for a longer period.

üReduces time, saves money and extends the longevity of the flooring material.

Where to get a High Performance Automatic Scrubbers?

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